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November 15, 2016

Milk Gang celebrates successful 2016

Another successful year is coming to an end; time for our lab to celebrate with a fun evening of fondue at the Melting Pot in La Jolla/UTC.

We thank all of our collaborators and supporters for making 2016 yet another successful and amazing year.


The Milk Gang wishes all of you a wonderful Holiday Season

and the very best for a successful and Happy New Year!

October  31, 2016

Bode lab welcomes Klara Strydom

The Bode lab welcomes Klara Strydom, who visits us from Dr. Evette van Nierkerk's group at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.


Klara is a recipient of the inaugural FLRF/ISRHML Trainee Expansion Program (TEP) Trainee Travel Fund, which supports her visit to the Bode lab.


Click Here for information about FLRF/ISRHML TEP.


Click Here for information about the inaugural awards. 

October  25, 2016

"Prebiotics and Probiotics in Human Milk" book published

The first edition of the book "Prebiotics and Probiotics in Human Milk" has been published and is now available.


The book has been co-edited with our collaborators Drs. Shelley and Mark McGuire and contains 17 informative and educational chapters; nine chapters are specifically dedicated to human milk oligosaccharides.



Click Here to access the book through Academic Press.


Click Here to access the book through Amazon (hard copy and kindle download).

"Prebiotics and Probiotics in Human Milk. Origins and Functions of milk-borne oligosaccharides and bacteria"


Edited by Michelle McGuire, Mark McGuire, Lars Bode



  1. From Bifidus Factor to Human Milk Oligosaccharides: A Historical Perspective on Complex Sugars in Milk
  2. Structures, Classification, and Biosynthesis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides
  3. Oligosaccharides in the Milk of Other Mammals
  4. Analytical Methods to Characterize Human Milk Oligosaccharides
  5. Oligosaccharide Metabolism in the Breastfed Infant
  6. The Role of Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Host–Microbial Interactions
  7. Potential Public Health Impact of Human Milk Oligosaccharide
  8. Human Milk Oligosaccharides as Modulators of Intestinal and Systemic Immunity
  9. Making Human Milk Oligosaccharides Available for Research and Application – Approaches, Challenges, and Future Opportunities
  10. Isn’t Milk Sterile? A Historical Perspective on Microbes in Milk
  11. From the Human Milk Microbiota to the Human Milk Metagenome: Evolution of Methods to Study Human Milk Microbial Communities
  12. Maternal Factors Related to Variability in the Human Milk Microbiome
  13. The Origin of Human Milk Bacteria
  14. An Evolutionary, Biosocial Perspective on Variation in Human Milk Microbes and Oligosaccharides: An Example of Eco-Homeorhesis?
  15. Infectious Mastitis During Lactation: A Mammary Dysbiosis Model
  16. Probiotics During the Perinatal Period: Impact on the Health of Mothers and Infants
  17. Human Milk Microbes – Summary and Research Gaps

September  29, 2016

Gift to UCSD Will Establish San Diego's First Mother's Milk Bank

The Mother’s Milk Bank, which will be established by the Division of Neonatology at UC San Diego Health and was made possible by a genrous gift from San Diegans Hannah and Zachary Johnson, will collect and provide donor milk to local hospitals for the optimal care of infants who need the milk most. The bank will also aim to work with community partners to improve area breastfeeding education and awareness regarding the need for donations of excess milk, as many mothers with excess milk know very little about milk donation.


The Mother’s Milk Bank will be led by Dr. Lisa Stellwagen, professor of clinical pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine, lactation director for the UC San Diego Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition Program (SPIN) and medical director for Newborn Services at UC San Diego Health, and Dr. Jae Kim, professor of clinical pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine and nutrition medical director for SPIN.


The Mother's Milk Bank is another major entity dedicated to human milk feeding, research and education. UC San Diego's Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition Program (SPIN) had been established in 2007 to create a Center of Excellence in neonatal nutrition focused on the provision, analysis, and research of human milk to improve nutritional and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm babies.


Recently, UC San Diego also launched Mommy's Milk, a Human Milk Research Biorepository led by Dr. Christina Chambers that strives to understand the numerous benefits human milk offers at a molecular level, and use these findings to improve the health and development of all children.


And another  major center for research in huamn milk and lactation is in making... Stay tuned!


Click Here to read UC San Diego's press release about the new Mother's Milk Bank


Click Here to visit the SPIN program website.


Click Here to visit the Mommy's Milk website.

September  2, 2016

Evelyn organizes and hosts symposium in Graz, Austria

Dr. Evelyn Jantscher-Krenn, former postdoctoral fellow in the Bode lab and now a researcher at the Medical University Graz, organizes and hosts the 1st Mini-symposium on Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Pregnancy in Graz, Austria.


Lars provides the keynote lecture on "Short- and Long-term Benefits of Human Milk Oligosaccharides".

Click Here to visit the event website.


Click Here to view a list of past and upcoming presentations.

August 26, 2016

Lars invited to speak at Third Forum of Lactation, UABC, Mexico

Invited by Dr. Diana Bueno Gutiérrez, Lars gives a lecture about short- and long-term health benefits of human milk oligosaccharides during the Third Forum of Lactation at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Mexico.


Dr. Diana Bueno Gutiérrez is part of the UABC Faculty of Medicine and Psychology and leads a research program to identify and overcome breastfeeding obstacles in Tijuana, Mexico.

Click Here to view a list of past and upcoming presentations.

August 16, 2016

San Diego Glycobiology Symposium scheduled for February 3-4, 2017

The 2017 San Diego Glycobiology Symposium (SDGS) has been scheduled for February 3-4.


Lars is going to chair SDGS 2017, and we have changed the venue to the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. Everything else will stay the same...


This Symposium brings together researchers from the University of California and other institutions in California that have a major interest in glycobiology. The objectives are to exchange information on the latest advances in the field and to promote interactions between members of these laboratories and other attendees from academia, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. To maximize interactions, the setting is informal and all discourse is off-the-record.


Click Here to visit the symposium website or contact Gaylene Eisenach (, 1-858 534-8539) with questions about scientific program and sponsorship opportunities.


Click Here to visit the San Diego Glycobiology Research and Training Center (GRTC).

August 16, 2016

Manuscript accepted in JACI 

Our manuscript "Human milk oligosaccharides and development of cow's milk allergy in infants" has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI).

The work is a collaboration between our lab at UC San Diego and Dr. Kirsi Jarvinen-Seppo and Dr. Antti Seppo's groups at the Division of Allergy and Immunology and Center for Food Allergy, Department of Pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Golisano Children’s Hospital, Rochester, NY.


JACI publishes high-impact, cutting-edge clinical and translational research papers that cover such topics as asthma, food allergy, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, primary immune deficiencies, occupational and environmental allergy, and other allergic and immunologic diseases, and include clinical trials and mechanistic studies that report on novel therapies, insights into underlying mechanisms, and other discoveries that will inform our understanding of these diseases and ultimately improve the diagnosis and management of patients. 


With an impact factor of 12.485, the journal ranks 1st of 25 in the Allergy category and 5th of 150 in the Immunology category in the 2015 Journal Citation Reports.


Click Here for a list of our Publications.

August 1, 2016

Lars visits University of Melbourne MACS investigators

Invited by Dr. Shyamali Dharmage, Dr. Adrian Lowe and Dr. Caroline Lodge, Lars visits the University of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. 


Dr. Dharmage is the prinicipal investigator of the Melbourne Atopy Cohort Study (MACS) that our lab is collaborating with. 


The collaboration is supported by Asthma Australia as well as the National Health and medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia.


Lars' visit was supported by a University of Melbourne Dyason Fellowship awarded to Dr. Adrian Lowe.


Click Here for a list of Presentations.

July 11, 2016

Manuscript accepted in Science Trans Med

Our manuscript "Maternal HIV Infection Influences the Microbiome of HIV-Uninfected Infants" has been accepted for publication in the journal Science Translational Medicine.


The work is continuation of our collaboration with Dr. Grace Aldrovandi at the University of Southern California (USC) and Dr. Louise Kuhn at Columbia University.

Science Translational Medicine publishes original, peer-reviewed, science-based research articles that report successful advances toward the goal of improving patients' lives. 


Science Translational Medicine has an impact factor of 15.843.


Click Here for a list of our Publications.

June 21, 2016

UC San Diego Podcast - Interview with "the Milk Man"

UC San Diego Health interviews Lars for their podcast platform "N Equals One"


Click Here to listen to the podcast interview.

June 1, 2016

Mommy's Milk - Human Milk Tissue Research Biorepository website launched

San Diego is building a research database of human breast milk called "Mommy's Milk - Human Milk Tissue Research Biorepository!" ...and the website has just been launched.


The initiative is led by Dr. Christina Chambers. Lars is part of the Steering Committee, and the Bode lab provides oligosaccharide analysis for the research biorepository. In addition, Dr. Rob Knight's lab provides microbiome analysis, Dr. Pieter Dorrestein's lab provides untargeted mass spectrometry analysis, and Dr. Jae Kim's lab provides macronutrient profiling.


Clinical data points will be collected from all human milk donors including health outcomes of infants.


Click Here for more information on Mommy's Milk - Human Milk Tissue Research Biorepository. 

March 16, 2016

Manuscript accepted in Nutrition Reviews

Our manuscript "Approaches to overcome the limited availability of Human Milk Oligosaccharides: Challenges and opportunities for research and application" has been accepted for publication in the journal Nutrition Reviews.

Nutrition Reviews is a highly cited journal devoted to keeping academic researchers, students, and professionals abreast of the latest research in the field with authoritative and critical reviews of significant developments in all areas of nutrition science and policy.


Nutrition Reviews has an impact factor of 5.541.


Click Here for a list of our Publications.

March 1, 2016

Lars ISRHML President

Lars now serves as President of the International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation (ISRHML). Elected in 2014, Lars served as President-Elect for two years (April 2014-February 2016) and has now moved to the President position.


Click Here to visit the ISRHML website.

February 19, 2016

Rabia awarded PROMOS fellowship

The Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) Giessen, Germany, awards Rabia Koyun with a PROMOS fellowship.


Rabia joined the Milk Gang as a graduate student in November 2015.


The PROMOS program has been developed by the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Click Here for a link to the DAAD PROMOS program.


Click Here for more information on all current team members.

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