The Bode Lab
The Bode Lab

Analytical Platform

Rapid and quantitative HMO composition analysis from less than a drop of milk to investigate which maternal genetic and environmental factors influence HMO composition and how HMO composition impacts health and development of infants and mothers.

HMO amount and composition are highly variable between different women. However, it remains vastly unknown which fixed and modifiable maternal factors influence HMO composition and whether differences in HMO composition impact infant and maternal health and development. This gap in knowledge stems primarily from a lack of suitable longitudinal cohorts to study these associations (i.e. with available breast milk samples, precise clinical diagnoses, and detailed maternal phenotyping) and the absence of technology for high-throughput HMO analysis required for large cohorts.

We have analyzed thousands of milk samples for HMO composition - from smaller pilot studies to large national and international cohort studies.


All we need is ~100 uL milk.


Our analytical platform applies parallel solid phase extraction technology, 2-aminobenzamide-labelling, and high and ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography with sensitive fluorescent detection (HPLC-FL).


Our current analytical capacity is ~300 milk samples per week.


We compare absolute or relative abundances of individual HMOs between different sample groups or model global composition differences.  

Dedicated to Research on Human Milk Oligosaccharides

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